Hand Sanitizer Is The New Business Card


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There comes a point with any recognizeable business when advertising becomes one of your highest priorities. Business cards made absolutely no sense with social distancing and all, but I still wanted to convey that connection when you physically hand something to someone.

The answer was pretty much staring at me in the face, hand sanitizer!

I crunched the numbers and decided to keep production costs down by bottling and labeling everything myself.

I thought the blue bottle would complement the color of my business logo better and make it stand out more. The hand sanitizer itself is not alcohol based, which I prefer way more since I can be prone to occupational eczema, especially in the winter. It’s medical grade, scent free, and uses benzalkonium chloride as it’s active ingredient.

When anyone walks through my door I present one of these as my gift to them, whether to be kept or given away to someone who might come to appreciate the gesture.

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