Massage Therapy

Initial Visit

Initial visits are for new massage therapy clients, or if you are new to the clinic in general. All new clients must complete a clinic intake form, and other necessary agreements for their first visit. These forms are automatically sent via email when you book an appointment for the first time.

This booking option will allow an appropriate amount of time for your therapist to perform an assessment, and to develop a plan to support your treatment goals.


Regular massage therapy treatments are 75 minutes in duration for initial, and subsequent visits, new injuries, pre-surgery preparation, post-surgery recovery, and for preventative and/or on going care.

Physical assessments, along with any recommended remedial exercises, ergonomic, or other physical health assessments are included each time you visit.


Follow-up massage therapy treatments are 45 minutes in duration for managing ongoing health concerns, and flare-ups for pre-existing conditions.

Follow-up assessments, along with any recommended modifications to exercises, ergonomics, or other physical health assessments are included each time you visit.

Returning clients have the option of booking shorter duration appointments, at half the cost of a regular length treatment. This helps to meditate the cost, and allows for better access to physical health care services in the community. This can be especially helpful for those who would benefit from shorter, and more frequent visits.

Athletic / Sport Massage Therapy

Sport /athletic massage therapy appointments are 45 minutes in duration. They aim to prepare the musculoskeletal system for activities related to sport and performance.

*Must bring loose fitted, athletic or flexible clothing.

*Recommended within 48 hours prior to activity.

Myofascial Release

Myofascial release is best intended as a proactive massage therapy treatment, in the absence of any acute or chronic symptoms.

Deeper and sustained broad pressure techniques are used to target myofascia, and soft tissues which can inhibit range of motion and flexibility.

Manual stretching

Manual stretching appointments are when a therapist applies, and facilitates the stretching process for you.

Facilitated stretching can help to release muscular tension, and pressure on joints that result from sustained positions, and tight muscles.

*Must bring loose fitted, athletic or flexible clothing.

Pre-Authorized Treatment Plans

A pre-authorized plan is an agreed upon billing schedule, where a reduced fee will automatically be charged to a credit card you leave on file.

Plans are available for durations of three (3), six (6), or twelve (12).

For example, a plan of twelve (12) can be customized monthly or bi-weekly on a predetermined schedule, for a total of twelve (12) pre-authorized transactions. The charges show up as a credit on your account, and can be used as they’re available. You are provided a receipt to submit to your health insurance after your visit. Once the plan is over you can always set up a new plan again, you will have to sign and agree to a new recurring payment schedule.

Direct billing is not available for the pre-authorized plan options.

You can cancel your plan at any time.