• Massage Therapy for SI Joint Pain

    Back To Basics. The sacro-iliac joint, or Si joint for short, can be an area of discomfort for lots of people. If this area of the pelvis isn’t functioning properly, it can lead to an array of issues often felt in the lower back, the hips, the legs, and the gluteal regions of the body1,3.…

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  • The Move

    The Move

    And just like that, after seventy-two hours of hard work, my new treatment space is finally starting to come together. As of October 15th, 2021 at 12:00am, you can consider this to be my new (work) home. I spent the greater part of this whole week focused on one thing, which was to get ‘er…

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  • Wipe out!

    Wipe out!

    Yesterday morning I wiped out on my bike. A wasp landed on my hand while I was going pretty fast so I went to swat it off my hand. The recent maintenance on my bike made any handle bar movement or pump of the breaks super sensitive, and I think, although I really can’t recall,…

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  • Working with Pregnancy and Infants

    My colleague Tarana is the Jedi Master when it comes to working with babies and caregivers in the massage therapy world. I’m sure that in a light saber battle I’d totally mop the floor with her, but when it comes to babies, the force is definitely strong with this one. For my last week of…

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  • Changes To Our Fees

    Changes To Our Fees

    I’ve spoken to many of you over the last few months about how my fees will be changing in the new year. If you were not aware of this change then please continue reading. Starting January 1st, 2021 my massage therapy fee schedule will be as follows. 75 Minutes $90 – Massage Tx$80 – Pre-Authorized Tx Plan…

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  • Turning a negative into a positive, and remembering that the small things count.

    One of the cool things I can do is turn a negative into a positive, just like that! I think I have a pretty high success rate too! I haven’t gone and done the math or anything, but I’m willing to go out on a limb and label my claim as fact. For an example,…

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  • The Day After Thanksgiving

    Its been 3 years minus a day when I heard my friend Keith Pearch suddenly past away. I remember being at work, just finishing up with a patient when I heard my phone ringing. It was my friend Jocelyne, which I thought was a bit odd because she never called me this early in the…

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  • Hand Sanitizer Is The New Business Card

    There comes a point with any recognizeable business when advertising becomes one of your highest priorities. Business cards made absolutely no sense with social distancing and all, but I still wanted to convey that connection when you physically hand something to someone. The answer was pretty much staring at me in the face, hand sanitizer!…

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  • I Think I’ve Pinched A Nerve, Now What?

    I’ve been focusing on the clinical aspects of massage therapy for almost ten years, and of those ten years two of them were dedicated to teaching it. I also personally experienced a literal nerve injury which significantly impacted anything, and I mean anything that I did for the better part of a year. So trust…

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  • Taking Away The Stress: A Pre-Appointment Checklist

    We all experience stress in different ways, and sometimes one of the ways we do that is simply to avoid doing something altogether. And yes, that does includes your regular monthly massage therapy visit. It can be stressful having to think about all the changes as the #covid19 environment continues to evolve. So-much-so that just…

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