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I’ve spoken to many of you over the last few months about how my fees will be changing in the new year. If you were not aware of this change then please continue reading.

Starting January 1st, 2021 my massage therapy fee schedule will be as follows.

75 Minutes

$90 – Massage Tx
$80 – Pre-Authorized Tx Plan

*All prices include GST

Why the change in fees?

Since the public health order came into effect I have been absorbing the additional cost of supplying personal protective equipment including disinfects, sanitizers and other supplies for my business to help keep everything clean and everyone safe. The changes also reflect the increase for time between appointments which allows for properly sanitizing the treatment space after use, and encourages the physical distancing of others coming into the clinic.

Why the change to 75 Minutes appointments?

The main reason is so I can fit a reasonable amount of people in my day without sacrificing the time it takes to keep up with sanitizing protocols. Having a single availability time also makes my online booking schedule run much more smoothly, and allows me the time I need to be there for you.

I also felt it was important to not just change my fees without giving something back in return, and because the new year will mark my tenth year since I’ve been practicing, this change represents that point for me in my career as well.

What, I didn’t know massage therapy was even open!?

Massage therapists along with many other services in Manitoba were closed earlier last spring (April 2020). Since that time registered massage therapists have been reclassified to health professional under the public health order. This allows us to continue to operate under the current restrictions.

Part of what classifies us as a health professional is the understanding that while the restrictions are in place, RMTs should be seeing cases that are for treatment or therapeutic purposes only. This can also include reasons of wellness too, which is especially relevant for those dealing with stress during the pandemic. If you feel that you’re situation doesn’t meet either of these criteria, then please wait until the restrictions are lifted and allow the appointment spot to be available for someone who may need it.

Pre-Authorized Payment Plan

Pre-paid packages have been an option for those who want to maximize their health benefits and save a bit of money. This option has been available on request and is included in the pricing schedule on my website. While these packages may have been beneficial for some, they are not so beneficial for others. As a health professional this presents an ethical dilemma.

For this reason pre-paid packages will no longer be available in the new year, they’ll be replaced with a pre-authorized payment plan instead. Any existing pre-payment packages will be honoured until they’re finished.

How do they work?

A reduced fee will automatically be charged to the credit card you leave on file, and only for the length of your plan. They are available in three (3), six (6), and twelve (12) massage treatments at a time.

An agreement will need to be signed between you and I in person, and with an agreed upon payment schedule. The receipt you receive after your massage treatment will still have all the information on it that you need to be able to claim it on your health benefits.

For example…

A plan that has 12 massage treatments can be used once a month or as needed until the plan is finished. The charges show up as a credit on your account just as they would for the pre-paid packages. Once the plan is over you can always set up a new plan again, you just have to sign a new agreement.

You can cancel your plan at anytime, just let me know by sending an email. Direct billing is not available with the pre-authorized plan options.

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