Working with Pregnancy and Infants


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My colleague Tarana is the Jedi Master when it comes to working with babies and caregivers in the massage therapy world. I’m sure that in a light saber battle I’d totally mop the floor with her, but when it comes to babies, the force is definitely strong with this one.

For my last week of teaching I instructed a class that covered basic principles with pregnancy and the tiny humans that followed. When we cover these topics in a class room setting, instructors typically pull from resources like having an actual pregnant person available to work with, or have volunteers from the community bring their newly born humans to the school, to have the students work with them one-on-one. Of course in light of covid this was obviously not going to happen.

I know my limits and babies are definitely one of them. I’m not the type of instructor, or person for that matter to rely solely on the textbook for delivering a lesson plan. So I approached Tarana a couple of weeks ago, and captured her on nothing more than with the camera on my cell phone.

My goal was to capture her natural personality, and the way she conveys the importance of the work she does. Originally I was aiming for a five to ten minute video, but instead I was left with something closer to thirty minutes worth of full on Tarana-isms.

One of my biggest concerns right now is that students are not getting the same quality of education amidst the restrictions, and I didn’t want to contribute to that. So I went out into the world on my own time, and with my own resources I created something amazing.

The topics we covered can truly benefit anyone. Whether you’re a student coming into the profession, a newbie or perhaps a soon to be new parent or caregiver, I know there’s something in this video for you.

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